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Cultural Youth Center Brebbia Remodeling

Cultural Youth Center Brebbia Remodeling, Brebbia (VA)


This property, located on the Maggiore Lake and owned by the Diocese in Mainz, Germany, is mainly addressed to the needs of students from professional schools but also accommodates families and other organizations who may participate in the program offered by the center since the 60ies. The structure is composed of six bungalows, an antic villa, the main house and a bar pavilion and is organized around a courtyard much like a small vacation camp.

Starting from 2012 we have been following routine maintenance works such as the realization of a new entrance in the rear of the property and the restoration of the antic staircase of the villa.

Remodeling Bungalow 1

In 2017 the owner decided to remodel one of the bungalows transforming storage rooms into guest rooms, changing the organization of the floor plan as well as changing all finishes. After the remodeling all rooms and bathrooms can be accessed by people with disabilities.

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